50 kilometer diet 2012

Here is our sincere appeal to all of you to join us and enjoy the benefits of our 50 km diet programme!


To become a discerning customer with healthy body and a soul that supports environmental protection!

What do you need from me ?

We request from you , your cooperation and participation for a course of one month starting from June 01st by following certain diet procedures!

What Exactly should I do?

We request your cooperation in shopping all your food requirements within 50 Km radius and also support the local growers and producers and shop only fresh produce so as to support the longevity of the local market and their patrons!

What happens should I flout the rules of the Programme?

Nothing happens :) Every one participates out of their own free will and for their own benefit ! It solely depends on you as to how much and how long you want to be a part of the programme?Everyone is answerable to themselves for their actions, but can confess to their sins publicly on the confession wall.

If your answer is Yes Please join us. should you still be deliberating , please read further at:www.messzelato.hu/50km

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