50 km Ham

The 50 km diet continues!

This time we’re looking for Hungary’s best and worst looking ham!

Easter is approaching, and we would like to find Hungary’s best quality easter ham. Our goal is to get more healthy foods into Hungarian family’s table during the holiday.

Send us a photo along with the name of the producer!
The characteristcs of a good ham:

  • does not contain flavor enhancers, artificial colors, raising agents.
  • has been salted, ripened, dried for a minimum of eight weeks
  • only include natural ingredients used for maturing the ham such as pepper, bay leaves etc.
  • made with real smoked, and smoked cold.

Please email us with your findings, including where you found the local, naturally matured and preserved ham, and how you find it compares to store-bought ham.

Send the address, a description and any easter recipes you might have to 50kmdieta@messzelato.hu

Addresses will be collected by county and shown on the home page.

This is especially important because of local / domestic meat and meat products are difficult to obtain, because great care must be paid to the proper storage and packaging of primary production, and many do not dare try it in fear of breaking the laws.

We also want photos of “bad hams”!

We invite you to send us photos of “quick” ham, ham that has been aged and smoked in an unnatural way or using additives or chemicals such as tenderisers, antibiotic marinade, liquid (chemical) “smoke” etc.

Photograph the tags with your phone or camera, and send it to us.

The meat industry has invented methods that dries ham quicker, making it more economical. This includes hot smoke reaching temperatures between 60 and 90 ° C which makes the meat ready to eat in only a few hours. The final product looks and tastes like cold-smoked ham, but has not been preserved. Other techniques, such as adding chemical preservatives, are therefore used to preserve the ham.

Watch messzelato.hu/50km/sonka to follow or quest for a natural, local ham and for useful easter recipes!

What is the 50 km diet?

The 50 kilometer diet is a voluntary principle for shopping and eating. By asking questions and gathering information you can cook and eat food that makes you feel more healthy and benefits the environment! The goal of the diet is to get the food you consume from local producers (who preferably sell organic crops).

When eating local, less transportation and packaging is needed. This is good for reducing the environmental impact of food.

Another important argument for local food is that of supporting domestic producers instead of giving our money to international profit-oriented food chains with artificially low pricing and low quality of products.

Join us in eating local!

The head of the ham hunt:

Tünde Udvarnoki

Project Coordinator

Messzelátó Association

telephone: +36 30 252-6437

e-mail: tunde@messzelato.hu

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