Deutsch Klub

04/14/2014 - 18:00

Deutsch KlubDeutsch Klub 2014

An 3 Abenden werden wir gemeinsam spielerisch Deutsch üben.
Lasst euch überraschen. Jeder der sein Deutsch trainieren will und Spaß am Spielen hat, ist willkommen. :)
Bitte meldet euch bis spätestens 11.April 2014 an.

Hier geht es zum Anmeldeformular:

Montag, 14.April von 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr
Montag, 28.April von 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr
Montag, 05.Mai von 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Ort: Gólya, Bókay János utca 34, Budapest

Ich freue mich auf euer kommen.

- Maria

Heroines of the Year 2014 award for the staff members of Messzelato

Az Év Hősnői 2014We are very glad to inform You about in this year the Glamour magazine awarded us like the Heroines of the Year. It is a huge thing for us. Just imagine among the year of the designer, model, actress Messzelato have been selected to this award like the most exemplary organization.

Every year they are selecting one organization of the all Hungarian organization and foundation what behind is a exceptional female work and success. Actually the name of the award was Heroine before us. From this year they has changed the name of the award because as they have seen the Messzelato organization has more than one member, more than one woman who is doing a very important and valuable work. So from this year the name of the award is Heroines of the Year.

English conversation club - restart?

Messzelátó is starting a new English conversation club in a new topic: urban gardening!
We are looking for volunteers with very strong English knowledge to run our conversation club. Most probably it can start in April. This is a special occasion to try yourself in teaching English, since our participants would like to master the language through the topic of urban gardening.

Don't worry, you don't have to know much about gardening - your English knowledge is enough. We will help you collect materials for the meetings!

You can apply to be our volunteer at

Earlier our conversation club looked like this.

Garden wakening on 15th of March

Revolutionary development at the garden on 15th of March.
Come to help on the first big challange of the Grundkert 2.0 on Saturday.

At last spring we had to break down the Grundkert what was at the Nagytemplom street. We sang a winter lullaby to all our garden stuff. Since than we were desperately waiting for the time of the new setlle down of the garden at Grundkert 2.0. in Bókay János street. Now here it is the chance.

Aaaand we are going to start on 15th of March at 12 o’clock.

We would like to prepare the follows:
• little wooden house set up. Now it is in the basement of Gólya-bar.
• collecting garbage
• landscaping
• Paint the flag of Grundkert
• Cookieee championship (second round)
• warm up all our extremity by the work and sunshine:)
• after the hard work a big n ap at the Gólya-bar

So, on Sunday start with a big breakfast and bring some sandwiches with yourself. If you have intention bring some home-made cookie and share with the enthusiastic helping community and with the jury of cookies:)

Natural beauty cosmetics on the table

DSC01360On the last week our team has took a visit to TATA Consultancy Services. During the 2 days workshop we were informed the employees about the harmful effects of the cosmetic products and we were shown how can they prepare beauty-products with natural materials. There were some very popular ones like bath-bomb, lip balm and deodorant. Most of them prepared some gifts their relatives. After the workshop we make an interview with the coordinator of TATA Consultancy Services HSE with Bordós Gábor who was controlling the project during its process.

Hello Gábor, what do an HSE coordinator do?

Hello, HSE is from Health, Safety and Environment what is cover environmentally and work safety tasks.

Why your job is important?

First of all the HSE area is important for the enterprises to make more environmentally sound and safe the place of the work and labour process.

Let's help!

 Foglalkozást ajándékba Have you ever been thinking about how awful would be live in a flat without any power and water? Unfortunately the situation on Monor and on the Taban gipsy-caravan something similar. Only 11 house have tap-water, 32 houses have power and no more than 4 have gas. It is not an rare situation that a family must sleep together in the same room and on the same bed. How is it possible to keep it clean in this situation?

We are doing effort with our partners (Hungarian Maltese Charity Service and Hellóanyu) to help those miserable women who must live there how can they make their life easier. We are showing them technics for cheap and environmentally sound detergents what can defend their health as well.

Renewed newsletter

Szeretünk Webgalamb!Our new, brand-new newsletter what has renewed by webgalamb immediatelly can be in your letter-box. We would like to say a big thank you for this and also many thanks for a lot of other function. All these make easier our daily work and our messaging for more people.

We thank you very much your support!

Do not miss any more newsletter. Subscribe now!!!

If you have any observation and new idea contact with Kati and Nóri (kati or nori ’at’ messzelato dot hu)

A green wedding

DSC01360The idea of a wedding is so majestic that a significant part of women are motivated to plan their big day from their early childhood. Grooms tend to appear as accessories to be easily replaced if broken or faulty. Joking aside, I'm a man. And I'm convinced that if two girls get together to plan their "dream wedding", nothing good is about to happen to mankind.

Kati and Dóri are ordinary girls, who are trying to make all little girls' dream day as beautiful, memorable and eco-friendly. Some girls dream about having the most enormous wedding, for others just picking the best location takes months, and some others enter the church with metal music in the background.


Where I come from, this word means "hey you all"! I'm Sanyi, 25, and I've lived in Slovakia ever since. I've just moved to Budapest to be a volunteer of Messzelátó Egyesület in 2014, as after having graduated, I felt I needed to gain a few more experiences before entering the great real world.
Messzelátó can count on me when it comes to creative text formats or anything that requires manual skills. Having been the editor-in-chief of the only Hungarian youth magazine in Slovakia, I hope I'll be able to contribute to everything that will require writing and editing skills.
If you'd like know more about me, take a look at my Prezi or follow the Messzelátó volunteers' blog.

CEU NGO Fair buzz summary

Messzelátó had the opportunity to participate and present themselves and their mission at CEU’s 10th Annual NGO Fair on Thursday, February 6.

Our two new volunteer, Maria and Sanyi represented us there. The preparation work for this event begun two days earlier, as Maria had the idea to exemplify Messzelato with a recycled Twister designed with vegetables. Apart from giving an overview about what we stand for and what worshops we organise, we showed our homemade soaps and seedy, recycled postcards to the participants and the bravest ones even tried our ECO-Twister! Almost all of who showed interest for our work signed up for our newsletter, so hopefully we will see them again at some of our workshops in the near future.

Recycled fashion for Grundkert


recycled fashion

Have you heard about Grundkert is going to move? The social communal garden, where Messzelátó were working a lot as well. To having the new territory and run it properly costs a lot of money.
The Werk Akadémia was so cool and supported us with their annual amount of incomes from recycled based clothe-creations.

If you feel so make a bid to your favorite one (those are amazing!!). We kindly ask you help us to spread the news away of it on the internet. Share it!:) We have a shareable picture and a nice event on facebook as well.

Thank you very much for supporting us!

Save Messzelátó's computers!

We are seeking an IT specialist who helps us and our computers.

What to do?

  • build PC(s) - use the parts of computer we have and help to find the parts needed*
  • install scanner
  • install printer
  • maintain the server PC
  • repair the noisy PC
  • install Win7 and MS Office
  • rationalize the internet and wifi
  • drop off the unused parts of PC

You are very welcome to do any of these tasks!

Special Eco friendly gifts for your Tecahers!

Ajándék a tanároknakIn most of the schools in budapest , it is still in practice duirng Christmas , year end or on tecahers day to gift teachers with many bigger-smaller presents. This activitiy brings a lot of headache to the parents as to what to buy and sometimes teachers end up with many many flower pots, ( in the bad Scenario, cut flowers ), Flower vase , pens and books. But we have a very creative idea for the gifts which is not only very very Eco friendly, but the children could learn from it too.It is possible for the entire class to make sopas together, Diaries or prepare Eco Friendly cosmetics.

We offer you a wonderful discounted offer for this class acticity. You could learn from Messzelato association as to how to mix Eco friendly cosmetics , or make a calendar cum could create together so that your creative devlops , your hand creativity and also you could learn about sustainable city life and also have fun togther. Alos tick what would be the gift for the teacher from you.

New Timing for various activities!

DYI your own Christmas Gift! you could decorate yourself the home made soaps and amkes it scented personally by yourself. Click onto the photos for more details and to participate. Do not delay as the number of vacant places are dwindling very fast.

You could also gift the participation coupon for many activities here.

Sajtkészítő foglalkozás  Házi szappan készítés

Team Building with Messzelato

We would with pleasure make Soaps with you or make pasta with you!
Does this Sound good? Please bring your boos too!
For the costing involved , please write to address!

More details , photos and ideas here :

Our satisfied clients : EXXON, BP Solaris, Budapest Comunication school, Budapest Transport Corporation,Eco political summer university and many more.

 Rendhagyó csapatépítő tréning

A New Work Colleague - Nori as an EVS Coordinator!

Új EVS koordinátorGuesy you must have heard earlier also that kati has been promoted as the Managing Director of the association. Owing to her new responsibilities , she now bids adieu to the EVS coordinator work and in her positon comes in , Benedek Nori who used to earlier work in the associatio as volunteer.

Please qrite to her in future at ( in case of having any questions about EVS - and she would also be happy for receiving welcoming messages from you all.

You could read her introduction here.

Very Important! The computer system in which nori is working is really bad! We are still looking for donors for computer systems or some IT specialists who could help us in this matter. if you could help, please shout ! ( or please write to Nori )

Six months Peaceful time surrounded by Slovakian Mountains!

Are you interested in sustainable development and permaculture farming? would you like to get a taste of it practically? Then please apply for our velunteering program in Brdarka whre you could spend 6 months surrounded by beautiful Slovakian Mountains and in the company of wonderful people!

Should you love the clean fresh air , then your directions should be towards Slovakia , where apart from learning traditional building and handicraft techniques , you could also learn about Fruits farming and various steps of bringing about a Self supporting ECO community.

Brdarka is a small village in Southern part of Slovakia , where a group of dedicated and spirited group of people started a couple of years ago in bringing about a sel supporting local agriculture. You could read more about it here.

Education and entertainment at the same time - 1 Year volunteering in Malta

The responsibilites of the voolunteers would be among many other things:
- To help the teachers , in evaluating , preparatory work and in the administrative work

  • Tecahing English through various entertaining medium
  • Develop self confidence
  • Creative workshops
  • Drama Sessions
  • Music Sessions
  • To make healthier living popular

  • Why Giving is good.......


    ... and receiving also is good sometimes!

    We thank from our heart every one who have donated 1% of their tax to us!

    We try our level best to distribute the funds recieved in a best way towards developing the association and you. The donors would be thnaked with some colorful program in the near future!

    We would also like to move on with passing time:)

    Would like to have a  Projector!

    We would like to add a projector to our office infrastructure to enable us to take part in bigger events and ceremonies so that we could address to a bigger audience rather than to a small group around a computer.

    Should you have an extra projector that is lying forgotten in your cabinet or should you know someone who wants to buy a newer model and sell the older one , plese get in touch with us.

    Thanking you in advance!

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