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Our Association"s Major Emphasise in the past has not only been in upcycling waste by making plates from paper and ironed plastic bags, lipbalm containers from PET-bottles and so on but also the furnitures that we use in our office and our computing devices are all from resuable and recycled source. Our Volunteers and our co workers usually travel by bicycle or predominantly use public transport and generally in the habit of purchasing clothes from used clothing shops. Our Programmes like flower , plant or clothes swapping events have proved really popular amongst our members as well as the participants. We make it a point to buy our food from the local vendors market or directly from the primary producers which we invariably cook and eat together and we enjoy these sessions very much. Our consistent endeavour has always been to create an open minded community around Messzelátó Association who deeply care about the environmental and community issues. We also pay special attention to disadvantaged youngsters, for e.g. children from foster home, socially challenged gypsy community and autistic children. Our association has 20 permanent members and are blessed with almost 700 volunteers.


Messzelátó, founded by students of zoology in the Year 1999 has been involved in Nature conservation, Environmental protection, education and cultrual areas to create a clolorful, value based and a sustainable community. The word 'Messzelato' means literally binoculars, but could also used to mean someone who looks ahead into the future.

Our Main goal has been :

To spread the values and advantages of nature conservation and environmental protection by conducting various events, camps, seminars, and picnics.

To spread the volunteering culture and promote amongst every layer of socuety as a basic foundation of our commmunity.

The assoication has declared the 'Sustainable City living' as our man theme for this year too. Our various prpgrams , evetns have all revolved around this theme. We also try to learn and teach the best facets of small town living and integrate harmoniously into our city living, like for example , cheese and soap making! (Please click onto our green home academy page) . We also try and popularise various environmental friendly measures into our daily home life with our creative ideas and products. Making various items from reusable and recyclable waste, Making our own eco cosmetics devoid of harmful chemicals falls under this category. we also consider consciuos buying from local market and producers as very important to our set goals for healthy living.(Please visit Our 50 kms Diet program web site as well as és Szatyor buyers community).

We still take active part in Youth in momentum movement as a Major EVS organisation sending and receiving youths and also make our presence felt in youth exchange programs.

Please visit our Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/messzelato/sets/

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