Green Home Academy

The Green Home Academy was founded during the spring of 2010 . The main aim is to promote sustainable urban lifestyle for an environment friendly way of living. The Academy conducts workshops where participants can learn about sustainable city life from a practical point of view. It means that instead of receiving brochures and listening to boring presentations, they can practically learn as to how they could improve their households to make them more sustainable.
The topics of workshops that were conducted until now:
- Home made cheese and other diary product making,
- Preparation of home made natural cosmetics, soaps and cleaning materials,
- Urban gardening,
- Several kind of old traditional articrafts using upcycled materials (jewelleries, pot making from paper, old textile etc.)
- Healthy/environmental friendly cooking
- Environmental friendly flat renovation
These workshops have proved to be very popular and the participants have always expressed their interest in new projects and endeavours.

Most of the practices we teach at Green Home Academy are well known and accepted by the richly experienced older generations.

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