Permaculture EVS Programme in Slovakia!

Would you be interested in Sustainable Development project or would you have interest towards permaculture farming? Then try these ventures at Slovakia !

No longer available, expired!

The Progromme Starts on: July 2012and ends on, 2013. július
Way to apply: Please send your CV and the letter of Motivation to kati (at) messzelato (dot) hu-ra, and the subject matter would be: "Szlovák EVS - Alter Nativa"

Yould could learn about the organisation and the project here in Englishl:


Proposed activities for EVS volunteers

We can offer to volunteers in terms of service and learning opportunities.
Concerning educational values we offer the opportunity to participate in our projects, that is building up the structures according to alternative masonry technologies, ecological farming i.e. market-gardening and stock raising, vegetable and fruit processing. Our project also includes running the local Community Centre which provides mostly latest information from the above mentioned topics.
The accomodation facility is situated directly in the village. Volunteers will be provided with the room of his/her own (or with one another volunteer in one room if agreed), shared bathroom and kitchen. There is one grocery store in the village, other services are available in Rožňava town (30 km) or village of Štítnik (15 km). Bus links to mentioned places are available four times a day, once a week we offer a journey by our van.

Role of EVS volunteers in the host organisation

Volunteers will be actively involved in the common life and activities of the organisation, they will help with building the structures of the Centre, ecological planting and tree planting(eco-orchard, forest garden), and they will participate in the organizing the social and cultural events for local community as well as the volunteers. After becoming acquainted with the work in our small library, they should be able to manage basic works for distribution of sustanabilty related literature and other products.

Beginning in July 2012

The project begins in July 2012 and it will last for 12 months, the 30th of April 2012 is deadline for submitting the application with all the documents required (CV and the motivation letter).

Service description:

This Service will promote the active citizenship of young people participating in the project by involving them mentally, emotionally and physically in daily activities of the project. From the theory (short seminar), passing through the motivational area of the group – the volunteers will “touch the thoughts and emotions” in the practical “green” activities connected mostly with global environmental challenges and sustainable rural development. Living, meeting and fulfilling tasks together with people from other European countries volunteers will have a chance to understand and develop solidarity and tolerance among young people. Every minute of their Service will give them opportunity for intercultural learning in a non-formal way.
This EVS is being developed as a continual collaboration between Hungarian and Slovak NGOs working in the youth field and it strengthens and develops the relationship which will promote future European cooperation in the youth field.

Main themes of the Service are Environment, Nature protection, Permaculture and Sustainable rural development.

This Service will enable volunteers to be actively involved in the projects and non-profit activities of Alter Nativa connected with the programme Centre of the Alternative Lifestyle.

The Service will continue the project with local, regional and old varieties of fruit trees with aim to save biological resources (seed-saving) and to create local food production and self-sufficiency. This includes ecological planting and tree planting (eco-orchard, forest gardening), young trees grafting, renewal of uncared orchards (cutting grass, treating old fruit trees, fertilization) and creating natural gardens (preparation of the soil, sowing seeds, planting). The fruit trees research contains localization of trees with GPS and camera, collecting biological samples of trees (leaves, buds, fruits, flowers), measuring and evaluating of collected samples and data processing afterwards.

The seasonal outdoor activities of the project also include managing the functional local recycling system (sorting the collected materials, practical education on waste disposal ways) and assistance at building small natural structures around the village (compost sites, wooden bridges, corrals, ponds, fruit-dryer, herbal spirals etc.).
Volunteers will take part in organising public courses on organic/natural agriculture (Permaculture), preparation of materials for workshops (such as osiers, barking the trees, wedging the clay) and they will assist with actual work in workshops (making of baskets, home-made carpets, pottery, bowls, spruce shingles, birch brooms).

According to actual needs we are building new structures or reconstructing existing buildings in property of Alter Nativa. All of these building works are made in the most possible natural way, using natural (mostly) local materials (stone, clay, wood, straw, sand etc)and nature friendly building techniques (hand-work, hand-tools, slow processes).
Another daily activity is taking care of some of our animals (goats, cow, chicken) – grazing, milking, feeding, producing milk and cheese, collecting eggs, cleaning stables and animals.

After becoming acquainted with the work in our Community centre and a new small library, volunteers should be able to help the local people and visitors looking up the desired information via internet or books in library.
The same place is used to provide distribution of literature concerning sustainability and home-made local products.

All the activities are prepared and explained in regular weekly and monthly meetings of EVS coordinator and supervisor with other colleagues of Alter Nativa team. At these meetings we make planning for next period and also the evaluation of previous activities. In the beginning of the Activity, the supervisor is present before starting particular activity to explain in details and to show volunteers what to do. This is the space for volunteer’s questions, ideas and suggestions. After a time, volunteers are lead to work independently to fulfil their tasks and some activities are built as a team work with other local volunteers. This method is leading a volunteer to gain a sense for responsibility and independency and, on the other hand, the ability to work as a part of team in an intercultural, international environment.
We expect and motivate our volunteers to bring and put forward their own ideas and opinions about the organisation’s strategy and life. We provide them space to share their previous experience and to do things in the way they think or know will bear good results in their individual future.

All the activities will through the non-formal learning help volunteers to acquire practical skills, “green” skills and also knowledge about sustainable lifestyle, ecology, alternative technologies, local exchange-trading systems (alternative economics), self-employment opportunities in the remote and relatively isolated rural parts of the country.
For some of our activities (courses, festivals) we invite other EVS volunteers in Slovakia so our volunteers have informal meetings with many different nationalities, cultures during working or free time.

Weekly timetable:

In general, the structure of the week has this content: 30% preparation, instructions, training; 50% particular work; 10% meetings with the organisation's members and the target group; 10% Slovak language course.

The timetable is the same for both volunteers who will fulfil their tasks together as a team or divided to different places with other local volunteers or members of Alter Nativa.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-12:00 – taking care of animals, feeding and grazing, managing and maintaining suitable living conditions for animals; processing of animal products (milk, cheese, eggs etc)
Slovak language classes – Monday and Friday (2 hours)

Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-12:00 - recycling works, sorting the collected materials, education on waste disposal ways; indoor orchard research activities (data processing, measuring biological samples, taking pictures).

12.00-13.00 – lunch;

Monday to Friday 13:30-16:30 – outdoor activities, i.e. renewal of uncared orchards, outdoor orchard research activities (see above), seasonal farming works, natural building, assistance at building small structures around the village (compost sites, wooden bridges, fowl house, corrals, ponds, herbal spirals etc.), assistant works in workshops (preparation of materials such as osiers, debarking the trees, wedging the clay) and actual work in workshops (making of baskets, pitchers, bowls, spruce shingles, birches).

The tasks and positions of individual volunteers in a timetable will be changed according to actual needs of organisation and volunteers so that they will take part and get experience in all activities.

Total amount of working hours of volunteers is 30 hours per week. The volunteer has the right to have 2 free days per week (Sunday and the day he would choose) and 2 days of holiday per month. We will be pleased if the volunteer takes part in the assistance and preparation of the organisation’s activities (courses, trainings, meetings and seminars, etc.) which usually take place on weekends. In that case she/he will obtain an equal time off. For six months of service she/he will get 12 days of holidays. Of course, if there are any urgent events she/he can leave for some days after consulting with the supervisor and the project manager.

Many of our activities held outside are dependent on weather conditions. Therefore we might be pressed to adjust the timetable to actual seasonal conditions. In case of suitable weather the outdoor activities may last for 1 or 2 hours longer or the midday break may last longer in hot weather. Of course, the total amount of working hours per week will be not changed.

Accommodation and food

The accommodation facility is situated directly in the village. Volunteers will stay in the room of their own or shared with one more volunteer in a house with other EVS volunteers. There is a shared bathroom and kitchen in their house. Food preparation is individual or as a group after agreement with other volunteers (all necessary equipment is provided in shared kitchen). There is a shop opened daily in the village, other services are available in Rožňava - district town (30 km) or in a village of Štítnik (15 km). Bus links to mentioned places are available four times a day, once a week we can offer a journey by our van.

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