Our Teaching endeavour to Bake Bread at Home!

06/20/2012 - 18:00
06/20/2012 - 21:00

During the course of our three hour practical programme, You could learn to bake a variety of bakery items like Kifli, Gluten free bread , and also you get many many tips about baking and excellent recipes would be shared with you which you can cooly try at home!Apart from all this you would benefit from various advises on an healthier eating and greener lifestyle.

Naturally we would be consuming what we bake ,accompanied by Tunde"s very tasty Pumpkin seed paste! Subsequent to the practical training , We have no doubt in our mind that you would be confident enough to bake your own bread which does not require a bread baking furnace or an equipment and you would be experienced enought to try out your own recipe!

This would be our first programme, but we plan many more of this bread baking programme later with a minimum of one programme a month and we would be informing about our next programme shortly.Should you like to receive information about our next programme , Please register for our newsletter to keep abreast of what"s happening !

We are planning a group of not more than 10-15 and hence we request you to register your participation as soon as possible.We are also open to the idea of conducting a separate programme should you be able to manage a group of 10 interested people. We are coming out with a very attractive particpation fee of HUF 2500 if paid in advance either by Transfer or by Cash at least 3 days before the programme and HUF 3500 if paid on the date of the programme.The advance payment could be still done on 18th of June, Monday too.

Attention : should you not be able to participate for some reason , you could send some one else to attend the programme on your behalf which means that the participation is physically transferable to another person.Should you not be able to take care of the non attendance with the solution mentioned above , Please inform us at least three days before the programme so as to enable us to pay back your participation fee. We would be unable to organise the refund of your money in any other case.

Please bring with you the following :

Containers , Bags in the event of you carrying back home the bread that you baked.
Baking Apron
Baking Tray
Any other items like spices , nuts ,vegetables or some healthy eatables !

Our first engagment date 20th of June 2012, Wednesday : 18:00 - 21:00 Hrs More Details...

This Programme was realised with the support from the Urban development Ministry under the aegis of their Green Source Programme.
(Number: PTKF/2303/2011)

The Programme is under the umbrella of our Green Home Academy programme which popularises implementation of urban practices into people living in the City there by creating awareness for Natural , Energy conserving and healthier lifestyle amongst them. The main ringing slogan of this Academy is to "upkeep eco life style, local produce and healthier lifestyle " which strives to bring about mutually supportive community and inspiring and motivating each other towards a greener and healthier way of living. You could read more about the Green Home Academy at :


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