Market Parade to Wekerle!

06/21/2012 - 17:00
06/21/2012 - 18:30

Did you know the fact that a new growers market has opened its doors at wekerle? Let us discover this market together!

Wekerle is a beautiful and fantastic place to visit not only owing to its architecture , but owing to its unbelievable green community that has developed over the years!
On Thursday We have a Live Tisza Grower"s Market, convenient time for even an office goer to visit and they have already incorporated box method (where in the subscriber gets a carton of Bio vegetables evry week ) and have also started the Central Europe"s First eatable garden amongst many other new practices You could enter here to the rows of climate Friendly settlement

Come , Join us and walk with us at the wekerle Market with a guide who endeavours to explain their 50Km diet practices and of course take us around the market and indulge in some shopping.

Dte: 21st of June , Thursday from 17:00-18:30 Hrs
Meeting Point: Wekerle estate Growers Market Entrance, XIX District. Budapest ,Nádasdy street and Pannónia street corner.
To Participate, Please register by filling our registratio form, to make us aware of the number of participants!

This Programme is realised under the support of the Urban development Ministry under the aegis of their Green Source Porgramme.

(Number: PTKF/2303/2011)

The Programme is under the umbrella of our 50 Km diet programme which is a country wide programme which popularises the support of the produces from the local producer and grower within 50 Kms thereby promoting the environment and popularising healthy life style! We do await intention to participate from Families , Couples for this campaign of 50KM diet programme there by supporting our cause of Sourcing their Food requirements only from local growers , prducers and sellers within 50Km range. The main ringing slogan of this programme is to "upkeep eco life style, local produce and healthier lifestyle " which strives to bring about mutually supportive community and inspiring and motivating each other towards a greener and healthier lifestyle. You could read more about our 50Km diet programme at :

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