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a Messzelátó Egyesület tevékenységeiSince 1999, Messzelátó Egyesület (Messzelátó Association) has been endeavoring to foster a diverse, value-based, sustainable based community. We have been working with open and self-initiated local communities along the fields of environmental protection, education and culture.

The main goals of the Association are:
• To spread the knowledge on environmental protection through various educational events, camps, programs, lectures, meetings and excursions.
• To promote volunteering as a great value and root of society.

These include the use of recycled waste items or eliminate harmful chemicals on our health self-made cosmetics, and cleaning agents.

Most of our events and trainings revolve around sustainable urban life.
Besides other activities, we learn and teach about aspects of country life which are easy to apply to an urban environment (such as soap boiling or cheese-making). With our creative ideas and products, we also promote environment-friendly routines to households. This includes using the recycled wastes or making cosmetics and cleaning agents that are free from harmful compounds. (read more: Zöld Otthon Akadémia). Our other important task is promoting local products and educating about an environment-friendly lifestyle.

We are sending and hosting organizations within the Erasmus+ project (former Youth in Action), and also taking part in youth exchanges. Every year, we support about 80 young people who are going abroad for their service, and host two foreign volunteers in our organization.

Through these trainings and volunteer opportunities, the young people have a chance for acquiring a job easier. By having the experience, they will attain a valuable competence in the field of their career and their language skill will grow as well.
By holding the national projects, the members of our community will be leading a responsible citizen life. We will become the citizens who are less stereotypical but more creative and active. Many of our members were able to find a job after participating in our volunteer projects. This is a clear proof that people could pick up very useful and valuable competence from our programs. Thus, we can create number of employees in the frame of our organization.

• We consider the idea of life-long learning as an important promotion. Thus, we have arranged numerous Grundtvig project.

• During Cratfissimo our adult learning workshop, twelve underprivileged people were able to get an insight from social entrepreneurs.

• During our Grundtvig project which has started in 2011, five similarly profiled organizations from four different countries visited each other to exchange experiences and present their projects.

• In 2013 we have started a new two-year Grundtvig project in the context of learning social gardening within learning the different languages between five organizations from five countries.

• In the project of Zöld Otthon Akadémia, we are teaching the benefits of sustainable urban life at the workshops. The most popular topics are: soap, cheese, and eco-friendly cosmetic making and tomato potting. We hold 3 to 4 workshops with 10 to 15 participants in each month. Giving information about new skills is not the main purpose of our programs. The most important and fundamental theme is to support the participants and their green ambitions. We would like to let them know that they are not alone when pursuing their ambitions

• Our environment-conscious community during the year of 2012 had 350 participants and more than 600 in 2013. Some workshops were published as well. The publications are presenting technics, methods, and recipes: http://messzelato.hu/hu/zoldotthonakademia.
We are offering our workshops outside of the office also. We are holding workshops for teamwork building events as well. Thank you for your support. We should be able to hold workshops for people in slums soon.

• A national project called "50 km diet" aims to spread environment-friendly and healthy lifestyle through local articles, foods, and products. The groups that are involved in this project are trying to consume products within 50 kilometers of their home. They also share their experiences such as buying places with public via media. Beyond supporting the local producers, this project is taking effort to enhance environment & health-conscious life. We have put together an online-based data for getting local products. As part of this campaign, season kitchen was opened and market visiting was also held. There were programs such as manufacturer/producer meetings and we organized a one-day restaurant for the Restaurant Day. Finally the campaign had 115 registered participants. http://messzelato.hu/50km/

• We are among of the founders of „Grundkert” in the 8th district. The core idea was created in 2010 during the event of Zöld Otthon Akademia, “Break up the concrete”. The 50 km diet campaign and consumption of local products gave us more energy and enabled us to continue the idea of living an economical urban life. Since 2013, we have been working as the main promoter of Grundkert. We have been organizing numerous events such as plant and seed exchange, communal-marmite cooking, stewed-fruit exchange. The programs were supported by donations such as garden furniture and compost that was taken from living osiers.

• Environmental education: Our members are giving classes in schools on various subjects such as biodiversity, litter handling, and composting. In 2011, we were organizing occasions at the Carl Rogers person prefered school.
Since the foundation of our organization nature and environment, the work of education and culture are very important for us. Our events and occasions support sustainable urban lifestyle including protection and love of the environment as well as promotion of healthy lifestyle.
Through our activities, we are creating a more self-active, self-conscious, responsible and healthier community. We are giving a rise to self-active community which builds a self-conscious society in the idea of life-long learning.
We are eager to create an open-minded community around us to resolve the issues in our society and the environment by spreading the idea of voluntary culture.
We are an open and sensible organization with 40 members, 100 volunteers, and 3000 subscribers for our newsletter.

Earliest activities

Baobab Campaign
In 2009, we had participated in Baobab campaign which was also named as "350." This number is the safe upper limit in PPM for carbon dioxide emission in order to avoid the negative effects of climate change. If you would like, you can borrow the Baobab through Messzelátó Egyesület!

• Leadership campaign of climate bath 2009 middle east European climate protection

Szatyor (literally: bag, shopping bag) managing Shopping community.
At the beginning we were taking a very active part of the life of Szatyor. It was started by a very enthusiastic environmentally conscious costumer to get high quality products, preferably from organic farms on fair price.

Csakvari Organic garden

Biodiversity for the sake of diversity project

Popularize of the renewable energy

• Dilemma of biomass

Project dynamo

Green map editing

Green map of Budapest
Edit of South Somogy hiker map
Edit of North Somogy eco hiker map

Activate yourself in the forest

Create of the Taborhegyi nature trail
Create of the Petesmalmai nautr trai
Excursions, expediotions
Brook cleaning, litter collecting

Earliest more detailed activites are here

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