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Event"Bagaméri is coming, measuring his ice cream:)! Winter ice cream again!- Restaurant Day 2014.11.15. admin03 weeks 2 days ago
EventWorkshop of autumn gardening 11-10-2014 admin04 weeks 3 days ago
EventNational meeting of the Grundtvig learning partnership. 26-30-09-2014 admin04 weeks 3 days ago
EventWe went for sale:) - Come and take a bid to us at Civil Licit! 2014.11.12. admin04 weeks 4 days ago
StoryRecipes: bread in three tones from the Restaurant Day admin08 weeks 3 days ago
StoryHappy Birthday to us! admin08 weeks 5 days ago
EventMesszelátó at the 7th Sustainability Day 27/09/2014 admin09 weeks 5 days ago
EventPlant and seed exchange fair in Grundkert 2.0 27/ 09/ 2014 admin010 weeks 2 days ago
EventHow to build an oven (workshop) - 30-31/08/2014 admin013 weeks 1 day ago
PageGrundtvig Partnership 2013-2015 admin014 weeks 1 day ago
PageGrundtvig programok admin014 weeks 1 day ago
EventClothes exchange again! 2014. 08. 30. admin016 weeks 4 days ago
EventGarden picnic in the VIII. district jungle- Restaurant day 2014.08.17. admin016 weeks 5 days ago
EventSun-drying tool preparation from beer cans - 2014.08.08. admin017 weeks 1 day ago
EventMesszelátó at Ördögkatlan festival! - 2014.08.5-9. admin018 weeks 18 hours ago
StorySummer child camp ideas for August! admin018 weeks 1 day ago
StoryActive relax opportunities for adults in August!! admin018 weeks 2 days ago
EventWould you like to make your own pasta? - Discussion and party admin018 weeks 2 days ago
EventTasks of a gardener in the height of summer – presentation and talk 31/07/2014 admin019 weeks 2 days ago
EventMeeting the flea, the whitefly and the blackfly 17/07/2014 admin019 weeks 3 days ago
Story350 The Baobab Campaign admin019 weeks 3 days ago
Event"Take Charge of your Life" - youth meeting 19/07/2014 admin019 weeks 5 days ago
StoryLooking for a new office! admin020 weeks 1 day ago
StoryHow to prepare deodorant at home admin020 weeks 2 days ago
StoryWe were present on Margaret island! admin020 weeks 4 days ago

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