Compost Charlie

let's compost together

The nation that detroys its soil, destroys itself.

F.D. Roosevelt

Create the frame of the compost bin

Wooden frame

To create a wooden compost box, follow these instructions bellow:



Screw on the four planks on the two others, and do the same for the two sides.
Then put the two sides in front of each other.
And finally, screw on the rest of the planks to join the two parts.

NB: This kind of compost box has the advantage to be moved when it's built.

Grid frame

To create a 50L grid compost bin, follow these instructions bellow:



First make a circle structure with the grid and then close it with the strings.
Then drive in the 5 stakes at about the same distance (60 cm).

NB: This compost box is fixed on the ground and cannot be moved. So think about the right place before building it.

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