As an EVS Sending Organisation

About Messzelátó Association:

The “Messzelátó” Association is working for a healthy and sustainable environment and society. Through volunteerism, guidance, and practical and opinion-forming environmental protection programs we provide an alternative for responsible- and open-minded young adults who live in cities and want to lead a sustainable urban lifestyle. With our programs we help to build conscious, autonomous and cooperative communities.

Messzelátó Association was founded in 1999, and started to work as an EVS organisation 15 years ago. We are hosting two volunteers every year, and working to increase the sensitivity of Hungarian youngsters how important and how much fun it can be to live a sustainable and conscious urban lifestyle.

As a Sending Organisation we are helping 50-70 youngster every year to find the right project for themselves, successfully apply for it and get ready for the adventure by defining their goals, fears or strengths. We are creating a network in order to connect together our returning volunteers with each other and also the current and the future once to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Sending organization’s data:

PIC code: 948739735

EI reference number / Accreditation number: 2017-1-HU01-KA110-046735 On the application form at section C 1.2. you should choose as "accreditation type" Accreditation of Youth Volunteering Organisations (ERAPLUS-EVS-CHARTER) and as "accreditation reference" please write 2017-1-HU01-KA110-046735.
If you fill C 1.2. properly, the C 1.3. should be automatically filled in, but because of some technical problems may occure that you won't see there anything.

Bank data:
Bank Name: MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank zRt
Bank Address: Hungary, 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98.
IBAN number: HU05 1620 0216-0011 4127 0000 0000
Account holder: Messzelátó Egyesület
If needed:
Mailing Bank: Volks Bank
SWIF of the mailing bank: MAVOHUHB
Fiscal number: 18382244-1-42

Contact's data:

Organization: Messzelátó Egyesület (Messzelátó Association)
Post address: Ferenciek tere 2.
Postal code: 1053
Town: Budapest
Country: Hungary

Official address: Dembinszky utca 4. fsz. 6
Postal code: 1071
Town: Budapest
Country: Hungary

Contact person: Ms. Borbála Lipka
Mobile: +36 30 667 2738

Office: E-mail:
Phone: +36 30 252 64 37

Signatory: Judit Varga
Position: President

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